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  Henan Fandewei Automotive Products Co., Ltd. has developed TPV environmental protection and practical new tail car floor mat and trunk mat that have passed the most authoritative European EU SGS company ROHS10 certification and formaldehyde certification. Let consumers enjoy the non-toxic, tasteless,  and high-quality environment in a small driving space, drive your own car comfortably, healthy and happy.

  Henan Fandewei is a large-scale manufacturer which takes the product experience as its method,  spreads the brand value and connotation as its mission, and wins the recognition and approval of customers for its purpose.

  Henan Fandewei Auto Accessories Co., Ltd, is sincerely and firmly based on the environment-friendly auto accessories industry,  establishing industry benchmarks and role models for its peers,  and leading the market with impeccable quality and exquisite craftsmanship.


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